About us

We are Karmo and Veranika from Tori Cider and Wine Farm.

Our farm was established in 2014. We are growing apples and grapes ecologically. We participate in all the production stages of our products, starting from propagation and grafting of apple trees up to bottling and labelling the beverages.
The plantation was established in cooperation with the researchers of Polli Horticultural Research Centre in order to choose the most suitable varieties for making cider.
The cider produced by us has the aroma and taste of fresh farm apples characteristic of Estonia. Our aim is not to copy the tastes of well-known English and French ciders, but to offer fresh and cool natural Estonian cider made from genuine Estonian farm apples.

The cider is made traditionally by mèthode traditionnelle, because the natural bubbles created during fermentation and post-fermentation emphasise the cider’s full, fruity and fresh flavour. We consider quality and taste important when making our products and that is why we produce in low volumes.

We have a vineyard consisting of 1400 young vines. The varieties grown are suffiently disease and cold resistant in order to survive our harsh northern climate. But the quality and characteristics of the wine produced from these grapes are surely as good as those made in traditional wine-producing countries. The northern wines have several advantages: free from toxines, lots of useful antioxidants due to the high fluctuation of temperature. Estonia – the exotic and untraditional wine country.