Cider Boutique

Apple Cider BRUT

Méthode Traditionelle
Apple cider BRUT is made of farm apples, picked in pure and wild Soomaa region in Estonia. Cider is made by traditional method, fermented and matured in bottles at least 9 months. Refreshing and natural cider goes well with poultry and pork, fresh salads and apple dishes.

Rowan apple cider

Méthode Traditionelle
Already ancient Estonians considered rowan to be the most powerful tree. Apple rowan cider is traditionally fermented from the juicy apples and rowan berries of the Soomaa region. The force and bitterness of rowan berries is a superb supplement to the juicy apples. Long and slow fermentation at a cool temperature makes our ciders clear and crisp, leaving a suitable proportion of acids, tannins and sugars in the cider. Just as we like it! Goes well with game and wild bird dishes, but can also be enjoyed on its own.
Finnish championship in food craftmanship GOLD medal.

Apple Cider Rosé

Méthode Traditionelle
Apple Cider Rosé is made from farm apples, picked from the pure and wild Soomaa region in Estonia. The cider is fermented and matured traditionally in the bottle. Rosé is a natural delicate drink with a light bubble. The cider is made according to our secret receipe, containing aronia berries, which gives the drink a peachy colour and a pleasant tannic taste. Try with red meat.

Apple Cider Demi Sec

Méthode Traditionelle
Apple Cider Demi Sec is made from farm apples, picked from the pure and wild Soomaa region in Estonia. The cider is fermented traditionally in the botle. Demi Sec is gentle and sensual cider, where acids, sugars and tannins work together in great harmony. Perfect for summer nights, barbecues or just enjoying on its own.

Organic apple cider SEC

Méthode Traditionelle
The Tori horse is one of the most popular symbols of Tori. The horse has a lively and friendly character, it is enduring and vigorous. The traditionally fermented apple cider SEC, which is made from the ecologically grown apples of the Soomaa region, has been inspired by the Tori horse: it is lively, bubbly and vigorous, has a long aftertaste and lifts your spirits. SEC is a pleasant companion at a party or can be enjoyed on its own. Try with handmade cheeses.

Cider with birch sop

Méthode Traditionelle
"Nordic Silver" cider with birch sap has been fermented with special champagne yeast. This new and innovative natural drink is best served with a light salad or enjoyed on its own on a hot summer night.