The Cider Salon is a new cosy room for the reception of guests in the production facility of Tori Cider and Wine Farm which was finished in the autumn of 2018. The Cider Salon is the best place for taking a short break and enjoying a glass of cider or a cup of coffee after a hike in the Soomaa National Park. Through the glass walls opens a view to the production rooms, where you can see vibrant activity and all sort of fascinating production equipment. The Cider Salon is the best place for purchasing our products, as the host or hostess can help you select a drink most suitable for your palate. The Cider Salon is rented out for various occasions, such as company parties, workshops, dinners, seminars as well as meetings. There are seats for up to 40 people. In the event of seminars and meetings, there is room for up to 50 people and the possibility to use a data projector and the Internet. The Cider Salon has been designed so that upon removing sliding walls it is possible to expand the room for up to 100 people. In cooperation with local caterers we can also organise dinner events. We prefer to use the ingredients from the local Soomaa area in our menu. The Salon is open daily for visits, as long as the production is working.
See you at of Tori Cider and Wine Farm!